Though Tea drinking is considered a “Gift from the Brits”, a sip of the good morning tea has been a religious practice by Indians for more than a century. A sip of the aromatic Suprabhat Chai – a good morning tea, in the morning is all you need to awake your senses, warming your inner soul and energizing you to savour your day healthily!

In today’s fast-paced life, some of us maintain a healthy life by regular exercising, while some take more spiritual route to cleanse their mind and soul by yoga and meditation or some eat healthy food.

What if we say you can start a healthy life from the very moment you open your eyes in the morning. Hard to believe right? Ayurveda Butterfly has curated the perfect morning beverage, a Sprabhat Chai, – a good morning tea, to awaken all your nerves, detoxifying your mind, body and your soul and improve your immunity. You learn the 5 immunity-boosting teas from Butterfly Ayurveda in our block.

Suprabhat Chai – Your good morning tea right from hills to your doorstep.

From the plantations of Assam and Darjeeling, we pluck the tea leaves which are still dipped in the freshness of morning dew and brought to Butterfly Ayurveda. Our master blenders blend this gift of God in a secret proportion with the herbs like Brahmi, Tulsi, Kali Mirch, Guduchi and Lemongrass, to give you a perfectly healthy start to your day.

Suprabhat Chai – your special ayurvedic treatment!

Ayurveda is said to be the oldest and comprehensive method known to humans in the healthcare field. This ancient, 5000-year-old practise has helped in solving many kinds of diseases and is also heavily depended upon the herbals.

All our Suprabhat Chai, good morning tea,  are an Ayurvedic remedy to solve many of your modern-day problems. The special herbs which we use are:

  1. Tulsi or Holy Basil: Considered among the oldest herbs known to humans, Tulsi consists of a distinctive property of healing as well as healthfulness. Tulsi is full of anti-inflammatory, disease-fighting antioxidants. It is said to a cure for common cold and cough. Tulsi also acts as a stress buster and has a positive impact on reducing cholesterol level. Due to its many uses, it is the most sacred plant In Hinduism as well.
  • Kali Mirch or Black Pepper: Once known as the Black Gold, Kali Mirch was once the spice of rich and the royal only. Kali Mirch enhances digestion, aids in weight loss. It also is a remedy for common cold and cough, helps in maintaining skin health and also absorbing nutrients. For stomach ulcer, Kali Mich is also used due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Guduchi: Considered to be one of the nectars of God’s (Amrit) due to its qualities, Guduchi is among the most valued herbs in Ayurvedic medications. Guduchi acts as an immunity booster, a detoxifier, it is immensely effective in respiratory infections, improves digestion, helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Lemongrass: An essential part of Thai Cooking, Lemongrass has many medicinal benefits to our body. It helps in promoting digestion, acts as a diuretic, it has anti-inflammatory properties, increases metabolism and reduces weight, acts as a liver and kidney cleanser.

A sip of Suprabhat Chai, a good morning tea, is not just sip of tea but is a sip towards a healthy ayurvedic life. While you enjoy your tea, learn about the 10 amazing places you should visit in your 40s.