During this pandemic, parenting survival has become one of the most crucial things. Further, we have been bestowed with some unacceptable choices by a society that doesn’t value children or working families. Most of the parents are not just concerned about parenting but survival and a lot more about school fees.

Parenting Survival and why we need teachers on our side

The Government is heading forward with the plans for “reopening the economy” while every day we see a spike in the total number of cases of the coronavirus, lack of beds for treatment. With every week passing, undoubtedly and undeniably, we have witnessed that a lot of non-essential commodities are opening like bars, restaurants, bookstores, hair salons. We every day are discussing among our friends and family about the importance of starting wheels of the economy. A lot of parents have been asking a lot of governments is, “Should the schools reopen amid a pandemic”.

Parents, whether they are working, are with their children home alone since 25 March 2020. The sheer economic pressure has fallen heavily on the middle-class section, especially on the people living in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. As per the survey done by Trading Economics during the lockdown, almost 23% of people were unemployed in April and May 2020. Due to the reopening of businesses, this went down to 11% of people in June. However, as per the recent news, this will further increase in July and August due to layoffs and furlough happening in the Tourism Industry. Many people don’t even show up in the unemployment figures as they stopped looking out for an employment opportunity due to various reasons. 

Parenting Survival India unemployment rate
Source: Trading Economics

While this happened with us, our friends or their friends, a few benefits which were given by the Government such as moratorium will soon stop, not to mention the increase in monthly EMI will be ready to break the spines. In these dire times, more and more business are reopening, forcing workers to return to work. In society, this pandemic has become a socio-economic disaster with no light at the end of the tunnel. For thousands of families, there is a question mark on their survival.

During the economic and social backdrop, the question of reopening of schools has made parents both uneasy and afraid. Meanwhile, school management and the government district is not able to provide any factual information, a roadmap. If this was not enough, many schools have cut their budget to sustain and hoping to get safety precautions by them inside the school seems like pie-in-the-sky.

Sadly, the whole situation has led to teachers and parents pitted against each other. Teachers are worried about the danger of being sent back to schools while there is a deadly virus out there spreading and without any clear road map by the Government. Also, parenting in these challenging times when you are fighting for your survival and fighting against mounting schools fees has put tremendous pressure on parents.

Many schools, both Government and the private, refused to close schools for weeks while the parents and teachers begged for them to close down. Even when they did eventually closed, many teachers, both in Government and the private sectors, were asked to report back to work for planning for another few weeks.

The truth is, parents, teachers and their family’s survival are at stake. And, the ones who have all the money are prioritizing profits over lives. Although our basic needs might differ, we may also have different breakdown points, but we all have to be united against this and at all costs.

In recent news, we all heard about the private schools in Delhi asking for annual and development charges apart from the tuition fee from July. They argued that the lockdown is over and they should be eligible to ask for complete payment, not just the tuition fee to meet their end needs.

The school bodies are arguing that they do not have adequate funds to meet the unavoidable expenditure. Some of the schools complained that due to non-payment, they are unable to pay salaries to their staff. However, neither the Government nor the school is thinking about the parents without funds to meet their end.

The school bodies are arguing that they do not have adequate funds to meet the unavoidable expenditure. Some of the schools complained that due to non-payment, they are unable to pay salaries to their staff. However, neither the government nor the school is thinking about the parents who don’t have funds to meet their end.

Parents Plea

Parents who lost their jobs or faced salary cuts due to the pandemic are already under tremendous pressure of surviving and fulfilling the basic needs. And, with private schools asking for the complete tuition fee for 02 hrs class has put them under a lot of stress. In fact, many parents have already shifted their wards from a private school to a Government school to reduce financial burden. A story in the Indian Express points to government schools in Punjab recording 1.65 lakh new admissions with a noticeable dropping out from private schools. We can say that parenting is not just about teaching but has also included survival and a lot more about school fees.

50% Tuition fee is valid?

To imagine that a two hr online classes a day can substitute the otherwise full day to school, which included academics as well play is pretty unfair as mentioned by many parents. Therefore, pay the entire tuition fee for a 02 hrs online class daily during these challenging times is really a question that nobody can answer.

Survival of Parents whose incomes are heavily subject to the economy running smoothly is far more disasters. To make thing worst, neither the school management nor the Government is talking about this matter with parents.

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