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Jama Masjid a must in the Amazing Places for visit in Delhi

Amazing Places in Delhi you should visit on your next trip.

Delhi seldom needs an introduction. Being capital and the political hotspot of India from the 12th century, it is a perfect blend of modern, medieval and ancient India. So what makes a visit to Delhi so immemorable? Honestly, there is no particular answer to it. For some, the thin alleys of Old Delhi, the chaotic markets, its medieval Havelis, Jama Masjid, and habitation around it are the most loving memories of Delhi. For some, the architectural grandeur, the precursor of the Taj Mahal, the lush green gardens and not to miss the mouthwatering street food of Delhi are the most cherished memories. While exploring the Amazing Places in Delhi, you can see all the aspects of human society in this beautiful multicultured, multilingual city.

So if you only have 24 hrs to spend in Delhi, we bring to you Amazing Places in Delhi.

1.      Explore the Old Delhi

The city has seen inhabitance since 6th B.C. As per the epic story of Mahabharata, the current Delhi city was said to, the capital of Pandavas called Indraprastha. However, there are no written documents about the ancient history of Delhi. What we know about Delhi was covered extensively starting from the 12th century by Delhi Sultanate. In the 16th century, when Shah Jahan ascended the throne, Shahjahanabad (present Old Delhi) was created by him. He made this city the capital of the Mughal Empire from 1639-1648. It was during his regime, Delhi saw most of its glories which is quite visible at the Jama Masjid and Red Fort. Both these monuments are the just exceptional architectural gifts whose beauty still amazes everyone.

Jama Masjid a must in the Amazing Places for visit in Delhi
Image Credits by Rhiannon from Pixabay

After travelling and exploring the old grandeur of the city, don’t forget to get on a bicycle rickshaw to get inside the chaotic streets of Old Delhi. If you love to shop, then Chandni Chowk is your place/ You can buy any fabrics starting from silks, satin, crepe, cotton to muslin with Zari and Zardozi work done on them. If you love reading while you travel, a visit to Nai Sarak is a must for you. Nai Sarak is among the best place to buy books. Love semi-precious jewellery or want to buy a fancy finely knitted bag, or maybe Wall Hanging, you must visit the Chhatta Chowk. As you roam along the narrow alleys and bylanes, you will be astonished by the engaging aroma of its mouthwatering foods like the Kebabs, Biryani, Parantha, and many more. The streets of Old Delhi are famous for their street delicacies and, are loved by everyone visiting this remarkable place. The vibrant colours of Old Delhi, the calm chaos, the street food and history makes this place at the top of our awesome Places for a visit to Delhi.

2.      Hangout in Connaught Place 

Connaught Place is one of the most significant and most comprehensive commercials, financial and business centre in India.  It is a showcase of the striking architecture of architect Edwin Lutyen’s who designed the New Delhi. A place packed with shops, bars, boutiques, under the ground market, cinemas and, mouthwatering eateries, the Connaught place allows a carefree evening stroll. Enjoy as the people introduce the grace and rhythm to the city.

3.      Get Blessing at Birla Temple 

The next in line to our amazing places for visit in Delhi is Birla Temple, also known as the Lakshminarayan Temple, is one of the most magnificent structures of Delhi. Mahatma Gandhi inaugurated it in the year 1939. The multi-shrine Temple sprawls in the core of the city, dazzling in yellow and red colours. The temple houses statues of Lord Vishnu (The Preserver) and Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Prosperity). People of various religious faiths take the blessing here. The Temple beautifully reflects the Orissan architecture with tall curved towers (Sikhara) capped by large Amalakas.

Birla Mandir a must in Amazing Places in Delhi
Image Credits by Justin Wheeler from Pixabay

4.      Visit Humayun’s Tomb, the precursor of Taj Mahal

Humayun’s Tomb is among the most visited monument in Delhi. It is also is one of the legacies of Great Mughal-Era architectural might. The Tomb is the resting place of the Emperor Humayun, who was the second emperor of the Mughal Dynasty. His reign was in the 16th century. Although being Tomb of an Emperor, mysteriously, it did not finish until almost 15 years after his death. The impressive and imposing monumental Tomb, with its elegant garden setting, was a first of its kind in India. Humayun’s Tomb paved the way to a new style of Mughal architecture, which served as inspiration for constructing the Taj Mahal. Hence, Humayun’s Tomb is also said to be the precursor of Taj Mahal. In 1993, UNESCO declared Humayun’s Tomb as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Image Credit by Maddy Freddie from Pexels

5.      Pay Respect to the Soldiers at India Gate

Next in the list of places to visit in Delhi, Tall standing 42-meter high Arc-de-Triumph like archway in the middle of the crossroad of Rajpath is the most lovable, inspiring and eye-misting charm of New Delhi. It memorialises 70,000 Indian soldiers, who had lost lives battling for the British Army, in World War I. This remarkable memorial has the names of approx 13,516 British and Indian soldiers, killed within the North-western Frontier within the Afghan war of 1919 embedded on the walls. Under the arch and at the centre of it lies the Amar Jawan Jyoti (never dying fire), remembering the Indian armed forces who had lost their lives during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. A trip to India Gate is truly inspirations, motivating and eye-watering experience. It truly is one of the amazing places for visit in Delhi.

6.      Drive by most fascinating Government Building in The Rajpath Area

Delhi for the time immemorable has been the throne of the rulers, from the Delhi Sultanate, the Mughal Dynasty to the British Empire and at the end the Democratic Government of India, they all had Delhi has their capital. 

The New Delhi, as coined by the British’s was developed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, who had conceptualized, designed and constructed buildings during the period of the British Raj. The Lutyens Delhi as we know houses several prestigious government buildings and official residences which were the masterpiece of Sir Lutyens. You can drive past a few of them, like The Parliament House, the Rashtrapati Bhawan (or the President’s House) which still narrates the story of British India. 

7.      Get amazed by the Mehrauli Archaeological Park

In our list of places to visit in Delhi be ready to be dazzled by the striking riches spread around Mehrauli, with over 440 monuments dating as far as the 10th century to as new as the British era. One of the most impressive among the large pool of monuments are the tombs of Balban and Quli Khan, his son, and the Jamali Khamali mosque which are now in ruins. To the west lies the outstanding step well of Delhi, a 16th-century dated Rajon ki Baoli.

At the northern end of village lies the Adham Khan’s Tomb. This magnificent Tomb was used as a British house, later as a police station and finally as a post office. If you move northwards past the Tombs, you will find the pre-Islamic walls of Lal Kot.

Down south of the village lies the remains of Zafar Mahal, the Mughal palace. Just close to Zafar Mahal lies the Dargah of Qutab Sahib, a Sufi shrine. Interestingly, even today you will see a small empty burial ground which was supposed to be the last resting place of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last king of Delhi. Sadly, the last King of Delhi died in exile in Burma in 1862. A walk through along the Mehrauli Archaeological Park is like reliving the times that had gone by years ago. Although a lesser-known place, this comes under our places to visit in Delhi.

8.      Visit the Leaning Tower of India – Qutub Minar 

Nearly as old as the history of the Delhi Sultanate, the world’s tallest brick tower, roaring through the skyline of Delhi is the Qutub Minar. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Qutub Minar, stands 73 foot tall. It is a five-storeyed minaret which still lives as one of the most brilliant buildings of India from the medieval era.

Image Credit by by Rituraj Pankaj on Unsplash

The Qutub Minar was constructed by Qutub-ud-din Aibak, who laid the establishment of Mamluk dynasty in India. After the victory tower at Ghazni, Afghanistan, the construction Qutub Minar began in 1192 AD. Unfortunately, Qutub-ud-din-Aibak could not see the completion of his dreams as he died early. Therefore, the tower eventually finished under Iltutmish and Firoz Shah Tughlaq who were his successors. This is absolutely a must in the Amazing Places for visit in Delhi.

One of the most famous structures among many at Qutub Minar is the Iron Pillar, or the Ashoka Pillar dating to the 4th century. This 24 ft high and weighing more than six tonnes masterpiece of scientific supremacy of ancient India is famous for its high resistance to corrosion. A visit to Qutub Minar is a must for architecture lovers.

9.      Enjoy shopping at Dilli Haat

The last but not the least in places to visit in Delhi, an evening visit to this market will give you a chance to explore buy handicrafts of different states of India. Dilli Haat is not a place but a village market that offers art, handicrafts, cultural performances and, Indian cuisine in one place. The biggest and most renowned market, Dilli Haat, was set up by the Government, providing a platform for artisans from across India to come and sell their art.

10 Places you visit - Tasmania

10 Places You Will Love To Visit In Your 40’s

Shakespeare once said in his pastoral comedy “As You Like It” — “All the world’s a stage”. At every stage, you have travelled and learned something new. In your 20s you have partied and tried new experiences in your 30s. Touching your 40s does not necessarily mean it is the time to slow down. Hitting 40s actually mean it is the perfect age for travelling, because you now have more money, are much wiser and more open to the new world and still, fit enough to try some adventure. Your kids are older too and possible independent, which gives you more opportunities for a trip that will be memorable for all the reasons. So let’s take a look at the 10 Places You Will Love To Visit In Your 40’s from The Untangled India

So here we present a list of the 10 places that you will just love to visit in your 40’s:

  • Mt Kilimanjaro

To climb the Mt Kilimanjaro, one needs to physically strong and healthy. So your 40’s maybe the last decade for surmounting this summit securely. Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and is visible from as far as Kenya. The trip to this awe aspiring place is quite expensive and maybe was not possible in your 20’s and 30’s.

  • Madagascar

This beautiful place is not really for an inexperienced traveller. So that’s why it is one of the places that should be in your buck list in your 40’s. Madagascar is dwelling to thousands of animal species and, the varied landscapes offer some mind blowing trek. You will find some lovely tropical beaches to chill and enjoy the sun. Undoubtedly by this age, you will have experience and knowledge to enjoy this trip. You will also be able to manage it comfortably.

  • New York City

New York City is another top place to visit. It is one place which is loved by people of all ages, be it your 40’s or 20’s, 30’s. However in your 40’s you can take a trip here to recognize the beauty of museums which are quite remarkable. You can also enjoy outstanding dinings which are well known worldwide. If you have never toured New York before there are plenty of tourist attractions to see and enjoy.

  • Peru

The next place in our 10 Places You Will Love To Visit In Your 40’s is Peru. For many reasons, this beautiful country is on everybody’s bucket list. Peru is considered to be among the great place to uncover the adventurer in you. Traverse through several national parks and not to mention the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Though, there are several tours of Peru one can take part in, but in your 40’s, you will have more versatility in picking the right trip for you. Leave your worries behind as you can visit this place without worrying a lot about overspending.

10 Places You - Machu Picchu
  • Salzburg

You may remember Salzburg for being the location of the iconic film, “The Sound of Music”. But do you know that these beautiful places have so much more to offer. Another interesting fact about Salzburg is it also the birthplace of the legendary musician “Mozart”. Salzburg has beautiful museums, castles and cathedrals which still recites the melody of the past era. If interested, you can even hit the salt mines as well.

  • Oaxaca

Oaxaca is special magic felt not only by the local Mexicans and but by anyone who has visited this beautiful place. A bastion of autochthonous culture, it’s the place to country’s most heart throbbing crafts and art, some remarkably colourful and outgoing festivities, uniquely exquisite cuisine and distinct natural riches. For your heart, the elegant and fascinating colonial Oaxaca city is a perfect ointment. For those who think from their stomachs, Oaxaca is best suited for them. Since at Oaxaca, you will get the most diverse cuisines in Mexico, it often considered a paradise for food lovers. Do not forget to challenge your taste buds and try out the roasted tlayudas and grasshoppers.

  • Kyoto

The old capital of Japan for a thousand years is a place full of atmospheric temples, grand gardens, conventional tea houses and geisha hastening to concealed liaisons.

To awaken your inner self, the beautiful city of Kyoto has some 2000 temples and shrines. Although the modern city still is buzzing and shifts all around, a waft of burning incense, or the view of a bright vermillion torii gate signalling a shrine entrance, are constant reminders that Kyoto remains the spiritual heart of Japan.

  • India

In the next place of the 10 Places You Will Love To Visit In Your 40’s, we have chosen India. One of the most mystical lands whose diversity never fails to impress you, be the culture, traditions, people, festivals or anything else. This incredible country boasts a rich past, the architectural grandeur of the gone era and more has something to suit every age.

The hustle-bustle of India, the rhythmic chaos will still be passable at your age and thanks to your maturity, your interest in history might be at a higher point. There is so much to do when you are in India, in fact, it is impossible to cover all the mystics this beautiful country has to offer in one trip. But if you are planning first trip to India, do not forget to add Taj Mahal, the epitome of love in your itinerary or may be explore other parts of India such as Rajasthan or Gujarat

  • Tasmania

Tasmania is a little island in Australia that is full of history, unique wildlife and amazing beaches. If you have ever fancied a road trip but don’t want to drive really long distances, this little island is just the right place for you to go. If you are wine or whisky lovers, there are a lot of wineries and whisky distilleries which you can explore and maybe taste the best right from farms. For your evenings, there are a lot of restaurants that offer fine dining, making it a great foodie destination.

  • Singapore

Singapore is a diverse cosmopolitan society which beautifully blends old with the new. This astonishing island country has remarkable architecture, shopping malls, modern skyscrapers and the famous Sentosa Island. Interested in the times gone by, Singapore has beautiful heritage buildings and historical structures such as the Old Parliament House. If War Stories are something that fascinates you, visit the well kept World War II sites which still narrate the story of the gone era.

I hope you liked the 10 Places You Will Love To Visit In Your 40’s. If you more names, please write them in the comment section. We will love to know the place you love and we missed. In the meantime, learn the 05 Awesome Places in Gujarat that you can visit in India.

Bhuj - The Untangled India

05 Awesome Places in Gujarat you must visit in India

Let’s take a captivating journey to see the 05 Awesome places in Gujarat

Gujarat is famous as the home of Mahatma Gandhi and the current prime minister of India. But apart from this, Gujarat is also considered to be a goldmine of history, architecture, heritage, wildlife, beaches and temples. One can see the history, life passing through ages in this beautiful state located in the western edge of India. Today, we have minded top 05 Awesome Places just for you, be sure to include them in your next trip of Gujarat.

1. Rann of Kutch – The Salt Marsh Land of India

The sprawling space of fractured earth and the infinite white of the saltpans in the Rann of Kutch never gets old. It is a seasonal salt marsh which also is home to the largest Wild Ass sanctuary in India. While sun kisses the horizon of Mother Earth, spotting of Wild Ass or being in the nowhere amongst the blanch expanse, are some of the highlights here. Birding aficionados should come here in winters (Oct-Mar) to see the flamingos, sand grouse, coursers, plovers, chats, warblers, babblers, shrikes colouring this otherwise bleached land.

2. Gir – Home of Asiatic Lions

Is Africa the only home of Lions? The answer is “NO”. India also takes pride in having their own land of this majestic beast in a small town of Gir. Gir is a beautiful land painted by Asiatic lions, with their manes swaying in the soft wind and cubs running at their feet. A visit to the sanctuary allows a peak to one of the greatest creations of God at close quarters. The Gir National park is around 1300 sq km and allows a possibility to be in the wild, connect with nature in its best form.

3. Museums of Ahmedabad – A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship

Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, is inadvertent museum capital of India. From the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram to Sardar Patel National Museum or Calico, Dandi Kutir, Tribal Museum, there is a Tresor trové of museum lovers to ferret from. If you are planning to explore the museums, my suggestion is to keep at least 02 – 03 days just for museum hopping. For the evening delight, be sure to keep some time for the magnificent 3D light & sound show at Dandi Kutir and, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum.

4. Somnath – Explore A Heritage Wealth

One of the holiest sites of Hindus, Somnath is considered to be the first among the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva in India. The temple once annihilated into dust and reconstructed, is thronged by millions of visitors each year. The spectacular golden sand coloured temple rises high above the rest of the single-storeyed buildings in the quaint town of Veraval.

5. Bhuj – A bridge to Civilizations

Bhuj is the bridge to civilizations, which once held importance in the South Asian history and was in the traces of the Indus Valley Civilization – Harappas. Bhuj is also associated with the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Bhuj’s history of over the 4000-year inhabitation narrates the story of developed trading and migratory relationships of various ancient civilizations as far as Zanzibar, the Middle East and Greece, which fostered raising a unique ethnic mix of people and traditions in the region.

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